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Analysis of trade flows


Analysis of trade flows

Analysis of Italian Export of goods to Iraq.

The bilateral trade exchanges between Italy and Iraq are strongly unbalanced, being characterized for about 85% by Italian imports of Iraqi crude oil, and consequently significantly influenced by the international price of oil and exchange rate Euro/dollar.

Crude oil is the main and almost unique merchandise of Italian imports from Iraq , accounting on this flow for over 99%, while Italian export is more diversified.

This flow mainly consists of machinery and equipment for the automobile and energy oil. Among the most significant of such merchandise trade flow, constituting a total of about 86% of Italian exports to Iraq, are motors, generators and transformers, hydraulic and thermal turbines, boilers, precision instruments for measurement and observation, as well as in the field of water resources, as well, although to a lesser extent, in the production of chemical and pharmaceutical industries. 


Main Italian export  to Iraq