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Italy renews its commitment to stabilization with a new EUR 2 million contribution

Baghdad, Iraq, 09 November 2022 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy, through the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), has renewed its commitment to stabilizing Iraq with an additional EUR 2 million (approximately US$1.9 million) contribution. The generous contribution will be channeled through UNDP’s flagship programme, the Funding Facility for Stabilization.

Italy has generously provided over US$20 million since the Facility was set up in 2015. The funding will be used to focus on rehabilitating public infrastructure and providing essential services to vulnerable communities living in areas affected by the ISIL conflict.

“The impact of our stabilization efforts with continuous support from the international partners such as Italy are visible across Iraq. Hospitals are reopening, clean water is reaching people’s homes, and universities are welcoming students back. With this additional funding, UNDP will be able to continue to support the rehabilitation of critical infrastructure in sectors such as electricity, water, education and health,” says UNDP Resident Representative Zena Ali Ahmad.

“We are immensely grateful for Italy’s continuous support to stabilization in Iraq. This new contribution will position the Facility to better meet the expectations and needs of the people of Iraq and contribute to improving conditions in the Liberated Areas paving the way for displaced Iraqis to return to their communities of origin safely and with dignity,” adds Ms Ali Ahmad.

“Iraq is a priority country for Italy, both as a pivot of stability in the region and as a partner in development cooperation. Reconstruction and rehabilitation of facilities and infrastructure is critical to our common goal of ensuring a safe and stable environment for returnees to start rebuilding their lives. Italy has never left Iraq, through thick and thin. We, together with UNDP, stand by Iraqis and are eager to build a peaceful, prosperous and safe future for Iraq,” states H.E. Maurizio Greganti, Ambassador of Italy to Iraq.

The Director of the Amman office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), Dr. Emilio Cabasino, also highlights, “Through constant commitment in development cooperation, big achievements are possible. With this spirit, AICS collaboration in supporting the Funding Facility for Stabilization over the years has allowed reconstruction and returns. With this renewed contribution, it also supports the transition towards handover and new programming for development.”

In mid-2015, UNDP established the Funding Facility for Stabilization to assist the Government in rebuilding Iraq after the ISIL conflict. The Facility works with the Government of Iraq and local actors to ensure safe, dignified and voluntary returns and to lay the foundation for reintegrating displaced populations into the community.

With the generous support of international partners, the Facility has mobilized over

US$ 1.55 billion from 29 donors and the Government of Iraq. This collective effort demonstrates the international community’s solidarity with Iraq.